Day 13: Saying Thanks

Heard a thoughtful interview with the creator of a website where people can post messages of gratitude to anyone they believe has made a lasting positive mark on them. Her explanation of why we need to express gratitude, a two-way psychological street, is worth hearing. The link to the interview is here; the web site is here. (Brief registration required.)

I can’t say that I’ve always been as attentive to gratitude as I should be, but I’m happy knowing that over the past few years I sent letters (actual “letters”) to three well-known writers who have meant a great deal to me since my teens and twenties. To my surprise, two of them wrote back, which I had not expected (though I made sure my return address was on each letter.)

To me it felt like closing a circle with these writers, now in their seventies and eighties, though of course my small note of thanks was in no way commensurate with  the decades of happiness their work gave me.


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