“31 Days of Cheer” Begins

As a Pre-New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided to post something happy, life-affirming, joyful, chin-up-lifting, agreeable, smile-worthy, funny, risible, complimentary, sunny, tolerant, grateful,  win-win, hunky-dory, brave, clean,  or reverent every day of December. That’s right! 31 Days of Cheer!

Can it be done? Can there really be 31 Good Things to chronicle despite the perennial crises that have dogged our DNA going back at least to the Gore-Bush deadlock, and, long before that, the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event 252 million years ago?  (Though I’m sure life was no bowl of cherries for marine organisms and terrestrial plants even before that perilous juncture.)

We’ll see.

But why? Why look on the bright side in a  gloomy ol’ world chock-full of  apocalyptic signs  that would make even the pessimistic growling of this old song seem positively chipper?

Hmm. Best I can do is this: For those who for whatever reason have had enough of this vale of tears, the exits are clearly marked. For those who decide to ride out the storm, those who find, in John Updike’s words, something that “keeps them knocking on the door of days,”  there’s nothing wrong with a laugh and a smile now and then. Or 31 of them.

So stay tuned. . .


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