November 22, 2011

For Dallas Areans of a certain age, November 22 will always bring poignant memories. Even if you don’t believe that John F. Kennedy’s murder was a fateful  hinge point of history and that nothing was ever good again after he died, it’s hard to avoid speculating about how things might have gone had he lived–or, had Lee Harvey Oswald actually been tried for the crime. What if, for example, a Dallas policeman had not urged Jack Ruby to buy a gun a few years before the assassination? I wrote about that question here. 

I first wrote about the assassination in November of 1983, the 20th anniversary, and now the 50th looms into view. Where has the time gone?  But in those decades I’ve never been able to persuade myself that JFK was killed by Castro, angry Texas oilmen, LBJ lackies, the Mafia, rogue elements of the CIA, etc. And reading Vincent Bugliosi’s marvelous book, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of John. F. Kennedy a few years ago made me all the more a non-conspiracy buff.

Anyone still harboring conspiracy beliefs should read just one chapter of that book in which the author dissects the major conspiracy claims–I believe there are 28 or 32–and shows why each fails to hold up. I’ve discussed my admiration for the book here.


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