Cain Joins Alpha-Male Idiot List

Assuming for the sake of discussion that the charges, or at least some of the charges against Herman Cain are true, we have to ask for the 47th time on this blog, “What were they thinking?”

How does any semi-intelligent grown man with even a rudimentary understanding of modern American culture think that he can carry on a two-year  campaign for the Presidency without one or more of these women coming forward?

What would you have to believe in order to believe you could get through this  unscathed? (“Surely they would not be so rude as to derail my presidential hopes because of a li’l ol’ grope or two 14 years ago.”)  Has the guy ever heard of Clarence Thomas? Bill Clinton? Forget Paula Jones and the others who accused Clinton before he gained the White House. How could he have believed that Monica Lewinsky would spend the next 40 or 50 years keeping his secret?

Likewise with Cain. Is it naivete, arrogance, stupidity, or some toxic blend of the three that motivates these folks?


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