Yanks Down, Burnett Up: Time for “The End” Again

Can it be that a whole year has passed since the Beloved Yankees teetered on, then fell over, the brink of elimination, and that we’ve come full circle again?

Alas. A year ago the Gothamites bowed to the then-upstart Rangers, and now it appears that those Motor City Madmen, the Tigers, will delay for at least another year their chance to grab a 29th World Championship.

For 162 games this year the Yankees made me believe that they were winners despite the failure to sign a quality pitcher to replace the Noble Pettitte; despite the multiple injuries to A-Rod;  despite the slow rusting of Jeter and Posada; despite the big-game choking of Mark Texeira;  and despite the schizoid workmanship of A. J. Burnett, on whose tattooed shoulders the burden rests tonight.

But now, I think they’re back where they were a year ago: Too good to miss the playoffs, not good enough to win them.

(By the way, that 0-fer loafer Texeira, whom I’ve never seen dominate in a truly important game, gets his own new acronymn: MIABIG (mee-AH-big), for “Missing In Action in Big Games.”)

And so, for the second year in a row, we bring on Jim Morrison to serenade the Yanks’ departure. Here is “The End.”












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