Rick Perry and the Gals

Looks like the trash-talkin’ Perry has already kicked up one heck of a dust storm in the early going, and his incendiary hoo-raw has some GOPsters nervous. But in the meantime, syndcol Kathleen Parker is all aflutter over Perry’s boot-scootin’ macho appeal. Key quote:

Upon meeting Perry, you can’t help thinking that he’s just like Dubya. They share not only the same speech patterns, but they also have that same je ne sais quoi that corresponds to the way a confident Southern male asks a girl to take a spin around the dance floor: “Wanna dance?”

There’s something slightly lazy in the mouth, half a smile, a knowing look. Both share a devil-may-care, towel-snapping streak — an attitude that either connects them to their quarry or sends their prey howling into the outer darkness. The same things that drove liberals mad about George W. will repeat themselves with Perry.

It’s that certitude mixed with bravado. It is also, dare I say, their certain brand of manliness. Weathered, creased and comfortable in jeans, they convey a regular guyness that everyday Americans relate to. Take it or leave it, it happens to be true.

her full piece is here


One thought on “Rick Perry and the Gals

  1. Your interesting article in Sunday’s Snooze, “Little words t hat pack a punch.” I would surely like to see a report on what Dr. Pennebaker would conclude about Obama’s speeches and what the words used, there, indicated about the man. Of course, the cop out is that someone else wrote his speeches………or not.

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