Perry Swaggers Forth: Can Old Ugly Beat Old Nothing?

Here’s the question I’ve been asking ever since Rick Perry starting dropping hints that  he might go for the White House

 “What in the world makes him think the country is ready for yet  another Texas Republican who is even more conservative, more in-your-face,  more aggressively self-confident, and more tied to the religious right than GW Bush, and probably sleeps in his hand-tooled cowboy boots?”

Why now? The guy’s 61 and looks 50; why not wait four years and go for it when no incumbent stands in the way? Give the country another four years to forget the Bombastic Bushkin and then saddle up.

Either Perry is just bored out of his mind from being Texas’ apparent Governor-for-Life, or he and his advisers must think Obama is so weak that anybody with an “R” by his name can knock him off.

Could they be right? I saw a learned economist on TV the other day. The learned economist presented Five Economic Benchmark Numbers–unemployment rate, GDP growth, etc.  He said that no president had ever been re-elected if his numbers were below those numbers.

Obama was below all of them.

It’s certainly possible that the Perryites are swaggering forth because they believe in  the Galloway Rule: Old Ugly will beat Old Nothing.

Discussing a contest between two second-rate teams, Texas sports scribe Randy Galloway often says that Team A is far from stellar but will nonetheless stomp Team B, which not only has mentally deficient coaches but five starters sidelined by injuries. “Old Ugly will beat Old Nothing every time,” he declares.

Perry must think that Obama has been reduced to Old Nothing, and that come Election Day so many Obama backers will be discouraged and so lacking in the Audacity of Hope that they will just sit home and let The Texan triumph. Even given Obama’s battered numbers and startling impotence over the past few months, I think that’s unlikely. But what else explains Perry’s leap?


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