Every Time I Think We Should Abolish the Death Penalty. . .

I think of a man like this, who personifies evil.

Or this.*

Of course the death penalty is unfairly applied. Of course it falls most heavily on the poor and minorities. And, as I’ve known since making a speech on the subject in high school, there is no clear evidence that the death penalty serves as a deterrent. Many who commit the most horrible crimes are beyond deterrence due to a twisted ideology or a skull full of drugs and alcohol.

And yet, and yet. . .With monsters like these, I wouldn’t want to rule it out. I’d be more inclined to reserve the penalty for a tiny minority of particularly heinous crimes.

And maybe some countries ought to think about adopting the death penalty.

*Minor quibble: Does the fact he’s still referred to as “Major” mean he’s still drawing a salary from the military, almost two years after the attack?  Ah, justice. . . 


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