Not Dead, Just Melting

Not the author’s back yard, but close

I pry my head away from the air conditioner long enough to ensure my loyal dozens of readers that I have not succumbed to the deadly heat wave gripping the seared North Texas prairie. No, I’ve just hit another one of those lacunae, as we used to say at Garland High, one of those Sargasso Sea moments when all forces seem to conspire to silence the plucky li’l blogger. Among them:

1. Took four days to visit friends in Albuquerque, which is what Dallas will look like after a couple more summers like this one. It was great fun but of course I returned from the desert waist-deep in backed-up work and just in time to……..

2. Begin another two-week run in the musical 1776, reprising my role as the seething, snarling, volcanic John Dickinson, one of the “cool, conservative men” who can’t believe the masses are beguiled by that “Boston radical, agitator, demagogue and madman” John Adams. Love the role, which provides for plenty of strutting, denouncing and smirking before I am eventually defeated in the final vote.

3. In addition, the heat has just been enervating the past few days, making even indoor work a real slog after about 2PM. The electric bill will take all the money I didn’t make while doing 1776, and now. . .

4. We’re about to head out on a combo vacation/college visit swing to the Northeast, seeing Boston University, Northeastern and Rutgers on this trip. The ambitious daughter has been told since 7th grade that despite her good grades and competitive test scores,  we cannot pay the full freight on these fine schools, so she’ll need to come up with financial aid to close the gaps–assuming she’s admitted. But whatever happens, Boston and New York are always great to visit.

5. But, that means all the pre-trip anxieties about hotels, train tickets from Boston to New York, squinting at subway maps, plotting routes, etc.. The cumulative weight of all these distractions has meant little or no blogging the past couple weeks, but I promise, as always, to do better when I return.


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