Quote of the Week: On Truth and Illusion

What if one has simply had enough of trying to like the Truth? What if one has come to believe it isn’t anywhere near as important as loyalty and kindness? What if one’s mature judgment on it is that it is more often drab than pretty, more often sour than sweet, and–perhaps most important–more likely to be boring than entertaining?

What if one has finally had enough of all the weighty talk about how elusive reality is, how difficult to know? Happiness may certainly be elusive, but not reality; one of the primary difficulties of adulthood may be how to avoid knowing an unmanageable proportion of what’s true. The anxieties of precise knowledge are not always to be borne, whether that knowledge is of the self or the world, and it may be that a major task of life is to weave oneself a comfortable and substantive coat of illusion.

Larry McMurtry, “Movie-Tripping,” from Film Flam


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