Alpha-Male Idiots Betray Ideals, Voters

I know that the disgraced IMF former head,  Dominique Strauss-Kahn,  is innocent until proven guilty, and I’m sure he’ll amass a team of legal warriors  that will make the O. J. Simpson defense look like a high-school mock-trial team.

But if these charges pan out–and given Khan’s past track record with the ladies, they just might–he becomes the latest member of the Alpha-Male Hall of Shame routinely scorned on this blog.

When these Alpha Male erections–I mean, eruptions–occur, it’s tempting but too easy to just say, “Well, who cares what he does with his private life as long as he gets the job done for the people?”

Unfortunately, the public-privates (stop that!) divide isn’t quite that neat. Socialist pols like Strauss-Khan, American candidates like Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards and  a dozen more we could name come to the voters speaking of compassion, caring, ethics, being better than we are, taking care of the downtrodden, remembering our responsibilities to the larger community and the less fortunate. Quite often, they contrast their warm, caring policies with the heartless, cold indifference of those who put their own comfort and desires ahead of the common good.

In turn, the voters elect them to act on those admirable sentiments. A contract, not just implicit but explicit, is forged.

So, given that power and responsibility,  what do the Alpha Male Idiots do? Knowing they live in a world full of enemies who live to discredit them and their policies, they wantonly risk their careers–and the power they have to fight injustice and build a new America that lives up to the faith of our forefathers, blah, blah– for a few moments of illicit passion with a thong-sporting intern or (allegedly) an overworked chambermaid.

This should be seen as what it is: an irresponsible betrayal of those, especially those with great needs, who entrusted them with office.

And these ain’t randy 19-year olds who can claim the hormones just carried them away.


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