Dylan: Chinese Dictators Didn’t Censor Me

At last, the elusive Bob Dylan emerges to tell his side of the China Incident which I discussed a few weeks ago. Key Quote:

As far as censorship goes, the Chinese government had asked for the names of the songs that I would be playing. There’s no logical answer to that, so we sent them the set lists from the previous 3 months. If there were any songs, verses or lines censored, nobody ever told me about it and we played all the songs that we intended to play.

The full text of Dylan’s post is here.

It’s a good reminder of something I notice about 20 times a week: Lots of people–from Big Media to bloggers and tweeters on the subway–get the story wrong. And the fact that we now have a zillion media megaphones blasting out alleged factoids and opinions 24/7 means, among other things, that there are more incorrect stories ricocheting around than ever before.

Tucker’s Law #120:  At any given time, 57% of what we think we know is false.

Tucker’s Corollary #121:  We don’t know exactly which 57% that is.


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