As the Meaningful Dialogue Continues. . .

Dear Charles,

The GOP only needs four seats to make their radical ideas become reality. Support the Rapid Response Project. Left to go: $50,000 Deadline: April 30. Contribute.

The radical ideas the Republicans have been putting forth are downright frightening.

But what’s really scary is this: Only four Senate seats stand in the way of those ideas becoming reality.

We Democrats are working round the clock to stop them, but the GOP is not going to let up. They’re going to keep on trying to cut Medicare, eradicate women’s rights and give tax breaks to millionaires instead of helping everyday Americans. That’s why our Senate firewall is so important.

But we have to act now. If we don’t all come together, the GOP extremists could topple the Democratic majority. Please give to the DSCC Rapid Response Project today – before the April 30 deadline. This project is our best defense against GOP extremism.

Click here to make your contribution of $5 or more to the DSCC Rapid Response Project today and help us reach our goal of raising $48,532 before the April 30 deadline. 

The DSCC knows that answering GOP attacks quickly and forcefully is absolutely crucial to winning elections. Their Rapid Response Project is completely focused on doing just that. So when the Republicans come up with another radical bill or they start concocting lies about our candidates, we’re ready to fight back.

The GOP vision for America’s future goes against everything we stand for. It’s about taking away from the many and giving more to the few. And as we all know, the Republicans have a way of recasting the facts – using any means necessary.

But if we’re going to make this work, we’ll need adequate resources. That’s where you come in. We count on you to keep this engine running, to make sure we do everything we can to stop the Republicans from taking over the Senate and implementing their terrible vision for our country.

Won’t you please make a contribution today – before the April 30 deadline – so we can reach our goal of raising $48,532?


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