Send in the Drones

Obama Approves Armed Drones in Libya

To the tune of Stephen Sondheim’s “Send in the Clowns.”

As a solitary piano begins the melody, a tuxedoed Obama walks to a pool of shimmering light at Las Vegas’ Palladium Club. He sings:

Isn’t it………strange? 

Isn’t it………queer? 

I said Quadafy must gooooo, 

But he’s ……..still there. 

Where are  the drones? 

We have to have drones.

second verse: 

I won the Prize, 

A man of Peace. 

But all these damnable wars! 

Will they never cease? 

Where are the  drones?

Send in the drones. 

Be careful–they’re here. 


Just when I thought I could make… domestic hay

Shredding Republican plans and Medicade lies, 

Making an eloquent speech, with my usual flare

Carefully droppin’ my g’s

For the regular guys. 

repeat first verse and fade out….

And here’s another version you might like.


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