Who You Callin’ “Powerless”?

A  few days ago I  declared Obama the winner of the 2012 election. Now the Pres and his allies are in full talking-points mode as they cruise to victory.   The word of the week is “powerless,” as in

“Nothing is easier,” Mr. Obama said, “than solving a problem on the backs of people who are poor, or people who are powerless and don’t have lobbyists or don’t have clout.” (NY Times)

Powerless? I guess Obama has never visited a middle-class retirement facility like this one.   And I guess he never heard of  the 40 million non-means-tested  members of  this outfit, which is known to have just a wee bit of clout with the solons.

Again, as always, it’s the narrative that wins. If you have the right narrative that fits what most people want to believe–i.e., our fiscal day of reckoning can be postponed forever if we just do a little marginal tinkering that won’t discomfit anyone–you win.


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