2012 Election Spoiler Alert: Obama Wins

OK, it’s over.

No need to read the thousands of op-edders and pontificators who will spew till blue between now and Election Day 2012. No need to listen to the various partisans’ endless recitations of their enemies’ perfidy and treachery. No need to memorize even one 12-point plan for reviving the economy while preserving our essential values. No need to hold your breath as Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty and maybe Al Sharpton mull the need to  form steering committees to explore the possibility of making a contribution to the ongoing debate about. . .

The 2012 presidential election was decided this week as the Republicans embraced the Ryan plan for cutting debt and deficit.

It’s over. Obama wins.  Forget the complexities, forget what might or might not be good for the country. What’s about to happen, to recall David Stockman’s famous book, is The Triumph of Politics. There is only room for one line on the bumper sticker of the electorate’s mind, and the Ryan plan ensures that the line will be. . .

The Republicans Want Old People to Die in the Cold While Cutting Their Blood Pressure Pills Into Small Pieces…

Or a slightly shorter version of that.

Somewhere in the Bible, somebody says after something happens:  “Thou hast delivered him into my hands!” That’s what the Obama Dems must have been shouting once  the Ryan Plan was announced. You can imagine the euphoria as Dick Durbin sends a Tweet to Chuck Schumer: “You’re not gonna believe this! Barry Goldwater is back!”

Am I right? To judge my abilities as a prognosticator, check out what I was deeply concerned about three years ago.


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