So Some of Us Are Triply Blessed!

From Wikipedia:

  • It has been said that a “special Providence watches over children, drunkards, and the United States.”
  • I understand the saying that God takes care of children, drunken men and the United States.
  • We labor continuously against this seemingly popular American idea, that Providence takes care of children, fools and the United States.
    • Brevet-Major Melville C. Wilkinson, “Relation of the regulary army to the country in time of peace”, speech read March 13, 1893,Glimpses of the nation’s struggle (1898), 4th series, p. 57
  • Why are the prosperous times for this country so largely due to the whimsical intervention of that Providence which our French friends say watches over fools, drunkards, and Americans?
    • “Inverted protection”, New York Times, July 22, 1897, Page 4

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