You’re Invited to a Big Intellectual Bash!

Each year, the brainy types at the Edge Foundation pose a great question. Then they ask dozens and dozens of interesting folks from just about every human discipline except monster-truck driving to answer the question in a short essay.  It’s always worth a long browse.

Past Edge Questions have included:

*What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?

*What would change everything?

*Which questions have disappeared?

This year, the Edgemeisters have rounded up 164 provocative thinkers  to answer this provocative question from Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker: What Scientific Concept Would Improve Everybody’s Cognitive Toolkit?

The fascinating answers include: Cumulative Error, Holism, Negative Capability, Uncalculated Risk, Ambient Memory and the Rational Unconscious.

These and the other 159 answers can be found here.


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