Hey, Impose Your Own Damned No-Fly Zone!

Don’t you love it? Now the Arab League has voted in favor of imposing a United Nations  no-fly zone over Libya. From the NY Times:

A no-flight zone would require military aircraft — with many of them almost certain to come from Western countries — and the Obama administration has been hesitant to support it.

The White House had no immediate comment on Saturday. But the Arab League’s resolution put President Obama and several of his allies in the unaccustomed position of appearing to be more reluctant to intervene than Libya’s Arab neighbors.

And of course any U.N. military action will, as always,  require lots of blood and steel supplied by the United States. In other words, many of the countries that have spent the past eight years denouncing the U. S. for its imperialistic, oil-greedy warmongering in the Middle East would now love for us to come roaring to the rescue.

And of course the countries now calling for Western Imperialist help to squeeze out the bizarre Khadaffy/Khaddafy/Qu’Da’fee  are thigh-deep in petro dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice if they used a few billion of those bucks to solve this problem themselves?  Let Saudi Arabia and a few of the other petro powers get together and handle it. If they want to shell Khaddafy’s palace, let them do it and let them handle the blowback and the reconstruction of Libya.

Oh, and the vaunted Chinese, the new financial overlords of the planet? Would they like to divert some cash and personnel to helping out a bit here? Hmm? For a dozen reasons, the U. S. needs to scale back its role as Global Cop on the Beat. Would some rising power like to try on the badge?


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