Tales of Heroic Consistency, #21

Those faithful readers who have not abandoned me for Facebook know that a frequent theme here is consistency– staying with it, pushing on toward your goal in the face of endless seductive distractions. I love to highlight examples of people who say, “By God, I’m going to do X every day for the next ____ months/years”–and actually do it.

I have a pretty pragmatic view of will power, I suppose; I don’t know exactly what it is,  I don’t know whether some of us are born with more of that mysterious substance than others, and I don’t know why certain methods for pumping up the WP work for some and flop for others.

I do know that almost nobody makes a real success in life if they lack the ability to stick with it. Making a start is easy; hanging in there six months later is tough.

So, as long as what you’re sticking with doesn’t hurt you or someone else, I’m dishing the kudos. I might not care to collect every issue of Green Lantern comics published from 1950-1985, but if that’s what you want to do, all the best. Push on.

In the past I’ve praised the heroically consistent in posts like this one. I was awed to discover that the singer Art Garfunkle had kept a list of every book he’s read since 1968, and I had posted a link to that list, but alas, it now seems to have gone dark. But if you like, here’ s a nice New Yorker piece on Garfunkle’s library.

And here’s an amazing piece from today’s NY Times about a New York man in his late 50s who runs six miles on the beach and swims in the ocean–every single day, regardless of weather and temperature, for more than 1,200 days and counting.  He’s got a moving story, too. Check it out here.

Wait…what’s that? You wonder why I don’t tout my own recent victory of stickwithitness? Well, if you insist.

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