The Power of PIBWYGI (Pib-WIG-ee)

Not the author’s former office, but close

Since the mammoth two-week office purge that obsessed me in December, I’ve been keenly aware that the slovenly forces of clutter and disorganization are not vanquished; no, they are merely lurking outside in the alley, rattling the windows and doors once in a while, walking back and forth in the night, ready to drag me once again into the nightmare of disorder.

So, to keep them at bay, I’m using a number of small tricks. One is a favorite acronym, PIBWYGI, which stands for: “Put It Back Where You Got It.”  I think I’ve sung the praises of PIBWYGI here before, but I’m really feeling its power now. If you suffer from messy-anic fever, start being aware of how often you use an item–a book, a screwdriver, a flashlight, a CD, etc.–and fail to put it back where it belongs. Do that about 20 times and the neatest office begins slipping into darkness.

So that’s the word of the day: PIBWYGI. Feel its power.

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