Three Years Ago on Muse Machine

Fighting the Clutter Monster

From January 3, 2008:

Here’s one more in this short series of “New Year’s Renewal” posts.

As we head for the Container Store and Staples, determined to whip those mutinous files and bulging closets into shape, here’s an intriguing piece on what some experts believe are the psychological roots of clutter. I’m not sure I buy all the ideas dispensed here, but it’s definitely worth asking why some of us battle clutter for decades while others seem to have almost no attachment to “stuff.” Check it out here.

As for myself, I can’t say my life has become unmanageable because of clutter, but I do lean toward the overstuffed end of the spectrum. Hence the warning headline hanging near my desk: “Man Trapped 2 Days Under Piles of Paper.”


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