Whooshing into 2011

NYTimesman David Brooks, who is so well-read, so thoughtful, and so discriminating that  it’s hard to believe he works for a daily paper, does it again with a year-end column that will stick in your mind for days, especially during this Big Colossal Stupendous Endlessly Exciting Week of Bowl Games.

It’s about a phenomenon called “whooshing.” Key quote:

Our most vibrant institutions are collective, not individual or religious. They are there to create that group whoosh: the sports stadium, the concert hall, the political rally, the theater, the museum and the gourmet restaurant. Even church is often more about the ecstatic whoosh than the theology.

Read the piece and you will realize that you’ve done a good deal of whooshing in your life. In fact, you may  find yourself feeling like Moliere’s bourgeoise gentleman, who said:  “Why, I’ve been speaking prose all my life, and I didn’t even know it.”

So, many ecstatic whooshes to you in 2011!


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