Muse Machine Turns 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it lacks the drama of A-Rod’s 500th homer or Cliff Lee’s zillionth dollar,  but according to the tireless statisticians who labor in the WordPress tech netherworld, this is the 1,000th post I’ve done on this blog, which was born in March 2007. According to my own rough estimate, about  80, 345, 389 blogs were born and died during that stretch. So when any blog reaches the ripe old age of 1,000 posts, well, attention must be paid for at least 14 seconds.

I’ve tried to anticipate some of your questions about this milestone: What have I learned? How has the blogging experience changed me? What sustained me back in the early days when my readers could be numbered in mere dozens? What sustains me now, 1,000 posts later, when my readers can be numbered in mere dozens?

Okay, I’m being falsely modest. Again according to the WordPress number crunchers, I’ve found a pretty decent audience with some of my posts; a recent one about trying to quit eating meat, a longtime concern, drew more than 500 sets of eyeballs, assuming everyone who clicked in had both eyes open. And, without making a virtue of necessity, I really don’t worry much about not drawing a lot of comments, for three reasons:

1. I think reading and not commenting is pretty standard on the bloggintubenet.  I’ve read certain blogs for six or seven years now and have never tossed in a thought.

2. The vast majority of comments I’ve ever seen on blogs were angry, vitriolic, obscene, and misspelled. As I noted in my General Explanation of Why This Blog Exists, I’m not in the blood-sport game, I don’t do name-calling, and I don’t substitute profanity for thought. So I’m not the kind of target that’s going to draw a lot of hate-flak.

3. The rise and global domination of Facebook has soaked up almost everyone’s available Web time. It’s hard to find time for Some Random Blogger’s myriad thoughts about this and that when you need to be letting your Facebook pals know about the bummer traffic jam at the mall, he said bitterly.

But for those of you who have dropped in now and then over the past 1,000 posts, thanks. I hope I’ve raised some good questions now and again. I know your time is valuable and I promise not to waste it.

And now it’s on to 2,000 !!!!!!


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