Ponder-Worthy Quote of the Day

Without any clear and agreed upon sense for what to be aiming at in a life, people may experience the paralyzing type of indecision depicted by T.S. Eliot in his famously vacillating character Prufrock; or they may feel, like the characters in a Samuel Beckett play, as though they are continuously waiting for something to become clear in their lives before they can get on with living them; or they may feel the kind of “stomach level sadness” that David Foster Wallace described, a sadness that drives them to distract themselves by any number of entertainments, addictions, competitions, or arbitrary goals, each of which leaves them feeling emptier than the last.

Sean Kelly, “Navigating Past Nihilism,” The New York Times

I’d like to contemplate this a while longer, but I need to download a couple of songs, see if the Rangers made a new offer on Cliff Lee, and get ready for Monday Night Football.


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