Not Dead, Just Cleaning the Office

Hercules, who for one of his 12 Labors had to clean the Augean Stables,  got off light. He should see  my office.

So should I, but I can’t because it’s hidden down there under many geological layers of papers and books and broken tech gadgets and CDs unplayed since 2005 and–what’s this?–a press pass from an exciting but now forgotten trip to Chicago, and hundreds of feet of phone cords, computer cords, Skype cords, internet cable cords and other cords tying me to the 20th Century, and one of my favorite, now yellowing newspaper headlines: “Man Trapped For 2 Days Under Papers.” I’m not making that up.

Hence the blog silence over the past few days, which will continue as I unearth myself from the failed policies of the past and get ready to embrace, or at least welcome with an air-kiss, the New Year. Hope you, too, see better things ahead.


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