The Most Influential Americans of All Time. . .

Do you think this guy made the list?

Hoping to reduce the productivity of literate folks across  the land, the geniuses at the Atlantic magazine have just re-issued their 2006 list of The Most Influential Americans of All Time. I’ll post the link in a moment, but first, play the guessing  game:

*Who do you think is their Number One?

*Try naming as  many of their Top 20 as you can. (Hint: Ten are former, not current, Presidents.)

*Name 3 inventors you’re sure are on the list.

*Name 3 people from the entertainment world who’ve just got to be there.

*Only 3 living Americans are on the list. Name just one.  (Does that mess up your entertainers list?)

*How far down the list do have to go you go before you come to the first woman? Guess the number.

*Only one writer made the Top 20! Can you believe it? Name him/her.

*Which of these two Americans made the list? Hugh Hefner or Brigham Young?

*Which two  of these Presidents made the list? Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy?

When you’re finished, check your answers here. You can also read their lengthy preamble in which they justify their choices. For the lazy, I might post the answers, but it will be a few days, so go for it!


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