Did Laurence Olivier Start This Way?

From a casting call I received through an actor’s service I joined, verbatim:

I’m making 3 feature-length films starting about mid-November. They are non-union, no pay but I can give you DVDs and credits in them. The genres are drama,horror and dark comedy. I will work with whatever your schedual is and you can tell me 3 first names you like for your characters.  If possible if I could film your characters scenes at your place that would be wonderful, if you want to have a friend there as well since you dont know me that would be fine. Actually,if you have any friends that would be interested in acting with you in the scenes let me know as well, or put them in contact with me. Or we could film at their place.This is because I need different locations for different characters. If we cannot film at your place let me know. I don’t have a script to give you, I write as I go along, its more organic that way, I will feed you lines. I’ve made over 40 films and this works. We film everything in order so you see the progression of the stories. 99% of my actors come back to work with me again and again, that says a lot.
These are rated R, let me know if you are comfortable with tasteful, partial nudity, if not I still want to cast you.

Wait. Does he mean that he wants to cast you even if you’re not comfortable with tasteful partial nudity? I mean, does he rip off your clothes?

If I was writing a murder mystery, I’d use this as the setup.


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