America Should Cheer Up, Says The Economist

Hey, maybe we’re not going to hell in a handbasket, whatever that is. At least that’s the view of The Economist, that respected British pub, surveying the former colony on the eve of the midterms.  Key quote:

[America]  is still the most innovative economy on earth, the place where the world’s greatest universities meet the world’s deepest pockets. Its demography is favourable, with a high birth rate and limitless space into which to expand. It has a flexible and hard-working labour force. Its ultra-low bond yields are a sign that the world’s investors still think it a good long-term bet. The most enterprising individuals on earth still clamour to come to America. And it still has a talented president who can surely do better than he has thus far.

Read the whole piece here if you like.

That good news, which captures many of my own sentiments, comes via erotic photographer/singer/songwriter/old friend and bon vivant Dennis Chamberlain, now living the enviable retiree’s life in Corrales,  New Mexico.

If you are in New Mexico, Arizona, or nearby states, even if you have arrived illegally, this is the guy to do your head shots, glamour shots, passport photos, the whole bit.  He’ll also have a CD out soon, we hope, with some beautiful music straight from the heart of a talented guy who doesn’t have to work anymore. . .  damn him.  Check out some of his work here.


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