Mortal-Lee: Rangers Face Steep Climb

That’s the headline that should have run in the Dallas Morning News today, not the too-oblique and pun-ishing  “Sour Blow.” (Get it? Sour Blow=Sourdough=famous SF bread.)

Oh, well. Did some guy mention a possible 4-game sweep by the Rangers? Get him out of here. That’s what happens when you shoot off your mouth after not watching a single Giants game all year.

Seriously, I sure didn’t expect this kind of start. I had chalked that W up for the Rangers, salted it away and taken it to the bank. And while we’re dishing the cliches: That’s why they play the games.

One more: With Lee proving mortal, all bets are off. (I’ve always loved that one–as if you could ring up the bookie and call off a bet you’ve already made.)

Well, not all bets. I still think the Rangers can win this and should, though the hills just got a bit steeper, kind of like the ones those little cable cars climb on their way to the stars. But take this to the bank: The Rangers win tonight and head home 1-1.


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