Sunday Morning Postmortem

Before we close the book on the Yankees-Rangers series, it’s worth noting once more just how dominant the Rangers were. From today’s NY Times:

The series was not close. However you dissect it, the Rangers annihilated the Yankees in October like no team had before. The Rangers hit .304, the Yankees .201. The Rangers had a 3.06 earned run average, the Yankees 6.58. If that seems like an unprecedented split, it is.

In the 22 postseason series the Yankees have lost, this was the only one in which they hit 100 points lower than their opponent while pitching to twice the E.R.A. They were not this futile against the Reds of Johnny Bench, the Dodgers of Sandy Koufax, or the Cardinals ofRogers Hornsby. Only the Rangers of Cliff Lee.

“Like no team had before.”

Think about that. As one who has watched Rangers baseball–often rooting for the other team–since the old pressed-aluminum park of the 70s; as one who felt the faint  fluttering of optimism when they had players like Buddy Bell, Al Oliver, and Nolan Ryan; as one who actually watched the whole game from the bleachers that day in 1980 when it hit 113 degrees, all I can say is: Wow.

And this: If the Rangers play the way they did against the Yankees, we could be looking at a 4-game sweep of the Giants. One fear: After finally overcoming the fabled Yankees, the Rangers must not be lulled into thinking the job is done. If they stay loose and hungry, they should rack up their first. . . World Series title.

Rangers. . . World Series. . . I have to practice saying that:  Rangers. . . World Series. Rangers. . . World Series. . . Rangers. . . World Series.

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