Blogger to Yankees: You Are Dead to Me Now

So I’m workin’ yesterday, just puttin’ words on paper one after the other, which, if you think about it, is the only way you can do it. Am I right? So while I’m doin’ that,  the wife calls. I mean, she e-mails. I mean, who calls today, you know? It’s always the e-mail. Am I right?

So she sez, You watchin’ the game?

And I sez, No, I’m not watchin’ the game.

And she sez, Why you typin’ all this in some bad Bronx-Italian street-guy accent?

And I sez, ‘Cause I’m leadin’ one word at a time to a punch line that will make it all make sense,  see.

So she sez again, Why you not watchin’ the game? Itsa Yankees! You love the Yankees. You always love the Yankees. And they’re winnin’!  So how come you not watchin’ the game?

And I sez, ’cause they are dead to me, you hear what I’m sayin? They are dead to me! It’s over!

And she sez, but it’s just Game 5! They got two left! And they got momentum. You gotta say they got momentum, baby!

And I sez, momentum, shmomentum. I’m finished with ’em you hear me? Finito. And I’m not gonna let ’em plant any tiny little freakin’ seeds of hope in my heart! Not with that guy comin’ up in Game 7, even if they should get to Game 7 and not crater to a nobody named Colby Lewis in 6.

And she sez, what guy?  Because while she means well she don’ know much about the game and hasn’t ever given two Chinese damns until this year but now like everybody she’s pilin’ onto the Rangers.

And I sez, that guy whose name I’m not gonna mention, but it goes on the end of words like Final and Lethal and so on. Rhymes with Free, Me, Bee….So, yeah, the Yanks took Game 5. But that changes nothin’. This is all I gotta say:

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! But not this time. Not this time.


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