For Yankees, This Is The End

Alas, Yankees Nation, it’s time to cue Jim Morrison and The Doors with their appropriately fatalistic Sixties drug-muser, “The End.” (“This is the end, beautiful friend, the end…”)

After last night’s predictable loss to Impossib-Lee, the real question becomes: Do these Yankees even belong in the same stadium with the Rangers, who have proven over three games to be far better than even their most fervent fans thought?

Face it. Over three games, the Yankees have had one good inning offensively, the 8th-inning uprising in Game One. They have had six fine innings of pitching from the Noble Pettitte, whose one mistake last night, the Chinese junk-slap down the line by Hamilton, proved fatal against Perfect-Lee. Against any other mortal pitcher, the Yankees might have scored some runs. Not against Lee.

Other than those moments, and a couple of hustling slides from Brett Gardner, the Yanks have emitted a powerful odor of futility, with A-Rod falling back into his usual post-season coma and “Little Tex” Texiera impersonating a corpse at the plate.

Now the Yanks have just one path left to victory: Win the next two in New York, go back to Texas up 3-2  and win Game 6, thus avoiding Lee in a Game 7. But even if they pulled that off, which seems about as likely as the Dems picking up 50 House seats next month, the Rangers might decide to send Lee out in Game 6 to nail the coffin shut.

I was always planning to board the Rangers bandwagon if they made it to the Series, but I’m buying my ticket early tonight if the Yankees don’t put together at least one respectable game–one game in which they play with the class and mastery that made the franchise famous (along with zillions of dollars.)

So, tonight, Yankees Nation may be singing along with the Doors.  And here they are with “The End.”

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