Brow-Furrowing Quotation of the Day

Hmmm…well, as the few readers who have not decamped to Facebook know, I do love acronyms and short, crystallizing phrases,–I mean, where would we be without BIWISI, ETSOTTGO, TAOII, SLAGIAT and others?–but this warning is worth a ponder or two:

The lesson, whether about geopolitics or daily life, should be clear: if what you are thinking could just as easily be expressed in a slogan, and shouted out or held aloft on a banner by a crowd, then you are probably not thinking at all. And in troubled times such as our own, times of the most enormous moral, social, cultural, and technological dislocation, that is immensely dangerous.

–David Rieff, “The Unwisdom of Crowds”

(full article here)


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