The Year of Living Musically

Longtime lookers-in on this blog know that I’m awed and shamed by feats of heroic consistency (and no, heroic and consistency do not, in my thinking, form an oxymoron). Because most of our lives are daily proofs that consistency is very hard, and because most of us do not stay with any new regimen long enough to glean any of its benefits, I reserve high praise for  the stick-to-it crowd.

My admiration for this unglamorous quality of stickwithitness led me to praise Art Garfunkel’s amazing 40-year reading list. It led me to read and applaud Bob Greene’s Be True to Your School: a Diary of 1964, not because Greene is any rival of Faulkner or Proust, but because, as a high school student, he set out to keep a diary of an entire year, writing on every one of its 365 days, and did it. I’d give anything to have a diary of one of my high school or college years, or my first year as a teacher, or my first year as a professional writer. Alas, I’ve tried journals probably five or six times but never made it past a month.

Here’s a new feat of heroic consistency: A New York musician vowed on his last birthday  to write a piece of music every single day for a year. This is extraordinary (and no fair asking if he had a day job). Here is  his report and links to some of the music.


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