Promises, Promises. . .

. . .is more than just the title of a great Dionne Warwick hit, originally  sung (how many know?)  by Jerry Orbach, later star of TV’s “Law and Order” in “Promises, Promises,” the only Broadway musical ever done by (do you know?) the songwriting team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, they who did an amazing string of great songs for Warwick and others.*

But “Promises, Promises” (recently revived on B’Way, to middling success)  also applies to this blog. I’m about to get over a large hillock of work and soon will  dive back into the blog and recreate, if not improve, its traditional mix of the useful, the whimsical, the politico-cultural, the chin-strokingly provocative, the still-reverent-to-tradition-without-being-too-curmudgeonly, the tales of brushes with the powerful and famous,  and all that other stuff, including the occasional bold questioning of the politically correct.

*Ultimate trivia: Another Warwick hit came from that same musical. Can you name it? If not, edify yourself here.


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