The Apocalyptic End of Books?

I take second place to none in bemoaning the loss of great bookstores, including the highly touted local Legacy Books, which breathes its last in a few days.  I’ve written  on the precarious state of book culture numerous times, including this KERA/NPR radio commentary.

But, worried as I am about the future of the paper book, I wonder if this comment isn’t just a bit overwrought:

The book is fast becoming the despised Jew of our culture. Der Jude is now Der Book. Hi-tech propogandists tell us that the book is a tree-murdering, space-devouring, inferior form of technology; that society would simply be better-off altogether if we euthanized it even as we begin to carry around, like good little Aryans, whole libraries in our pockets, downloaded on the Uber-Kindle.

Like good little Aryans? Jeez. I don’t have a Kindle and probably won’t get one, but a bit much, perhaps?

That’s from a recent essay in Evergreen magazine, a longtime leftish mag that I didn’t even know was still publishing, and whose mere existence perhaps argues for the sturdiness of the pulp world–unless, as may be the case, Evergreen now exists online only.

At any rate, for one of the direst dire warnings you’ll ever need about the possible passing of the Age of the Book, check it out here.

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