“Perfect Storm” Engulfs AWOL Blogger

Stressing as I always do quality over quantity, it’s  been very gratifying to me that several dozen thoughtful, interesting  people include my blog among their regular reading sources. When I run into someone I didn’t even know was reading it, as I did the other day, I always feel–well, lousy.Guilty. Irresponsible.  Because as you can see from the past few entries, I just haven’t been offering much lately to those who are kind enough to look in here now and again.

Excuses? I’ve got a few. First,  I was pleasantly caught up in the controlled insanity of acting–in fact, it hit me the other day that from early October 2009 until just a few days ago, I was working in one play or another, four in all, sometimes in overlapping productions. Love it, but it’s a time drain and a brain drain.

At any rate, looks like I’ll have a break from the stage for a few weeks. I auditioned for a plum role in Our Town the other day, hoping to break in at a new theatre,  but (reach for razor blade) it looks like they have found a way to do it without me.

Second, there is work, (which someone–Oscar Wilde?– described as the curse of the drinking class).

Third, it’s been high season in the yard and garden, pulling away time especially on the weekends. (That’s slowing down now as the 100-degree days send a blunt message to all plants: Stop growing and just try to survive.)

Fourth, speaking of curses, I seem to have wrenched my always-rickety back while hacking and sawing some giant fig limbs a couple weeks ago, bringing on a bout of miseries not seen since about 2007. That has necessitated a few probably-futile trips to a chiropractor seeking relief, and at times it’s been tough to sit for long in the office chair, a prerequisite for getting any serious writing done.

And fifth, on a brighter note, I’ m still mulling (God, he’s always mulling!) some changes to the blogging structure which will bring even more added-value for Muse Machine readers. So keep checking back, and thanks for your time.


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