Decoding the Austin Terrorist

An analysis by a student of mass murderers shreds the self-serving and hypocritical  manifesto of the Austin terrorist pilot–and why wouldn’t we call him a terrorist, by the way? Key quote:

But this is not a man who rejected the system. He only rejected the idea of paying his taxes. He spent his life creating businesses, working the system, and constantly keeping score with his bank balance. Stack embraced capitalism and then convinced himself he was a dismal failure at it.

I won’t be at all surprised if it turns out that the don’t-tread-on-me pilot was hooked on the toxic ravings  of Austin-based conspiracy monger Alex Jones, profiled in the current issue of Texas Monthly. If you visit Jones’ site here, you can get your copy of  “How to Survive Martial Law.”

Where is the Alex Jones of Cuba, Russia, China, Germany, Iran, Egypt? In jail or dead.  Only in America do people have the freedom to build a prosperous media empire bemoaning the death of freedom.


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