“You Are Not a Gadget” Reveals Dark Side of the Web

The online world reminds me of President Obama. It has much to recommend it, but  fervent disciples have  vastly oversold its benefits and sugar-coated its shortcomings. We must always remember that the Web is a human invention and therefore shares all its creators’ tragic flaws. Garbage In, Garbage Out, even if the Garbage passes across millions of monitors  in a second.

The apostate techie Jaron Lanier has been thinking for a while about the dark side of the online world, and he’s put his thoughts down in a book that’s hard to read–he is not a natural writer–but too important to ignore.

My review of You Are Not a Gadget appeared in last Sunday’s Dallas Morning News.  Also, via The FabSage, here’s Lanier’s chat with writer Chris Hedges, touching on political topics  not covered in the book.


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