One Year Ago Today. . .

I recently lamented my inability to keep a journal and confessed my envy of those who do. I think it would be almost magical to have in front of me a year or a month or a week in the life of the person I was at 25 or 15. So much is done, but so much forgotten. . .

But on the bright side, a blog is not a bad substitute for a journal, and mine reminds me that a year ago today,  I spent Valentine’s Day planting a spring garden, which turned out, like most plantings, to be a mixed bag:  collard greens superb, lettuce good, broccoli harder to chew than it is to spell.

I’ll be putting in a spring garden this year as well, but not today: D/FW’s record snowfall has left the garden buried under 8 inches of snow, and I haven’t noticed any starter veges in the stores yet. I’ll get out there in the next few days and prepare the ground.


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