Who Dat Write Dem Saints Songs?

Hey, you gotta back dem Saints in the Big Bowl tomorrow, because of about a dozen reasons, almost all of them romantic and sentimental, and besides, can you imagine anyone writing a song called, “Do You Know What It Means (to Miss Indianapolis)?”  No way.

And speaking of music, NOLA.com, the official website of the Who Dat Nation, invited people to submit songs written about the Saints, and more than 80 of them poured in from all over the country. ‘Nuff said right deh.

Check the list out here, and be sure to listen to these faves:

“Roll With the Black and Gold” by Dem Boys–this thing rocks!

“Them Saints Are on the Move”   by the Shaeon and Success Band

“The Night We Drank the Dixie Down” by the deliciously named Nick Lick and the Hickies

“Here Come the Saints” by Chief Howard Miller

“The Saints on a Roll” by the Pinstripe Brass Band

and many more. I don’t think this music would even be legal  in Indianapolis. First off, you’d have to rhyme something with Indianapolis, and dat ain’t gonna happen.

One safe prediction: Monday morning, thousands of Nawlians are going to have one hellacious hangover.

Win or lose.


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