As Readers Slip Away, AWOL Blogger Apologizes Yet Again

Yes, again.  I apologized a few days before Christmas for my inconsistent blogging performance, made all the more inexplicable by my repeated and fulsome praise for those who stay with their plans and projects despite all obstacles and distractions. I promised to do better, to become again the plucky li’l blogger who in two years put up 900 posts.

And yet. . . and yet. . . it’s mea culpa time again. I’m just in over my head with four work projects and my Second Life in acting, with a play now headed into heavy “tech week” rehearsals. (There’s more to playing a Catholic priest than I’d thought.)  Just back from New York working on a magazine article, and you know what happens when you leave town:  you return to a foot of mail, 650 e-mails,  to-do lists bulging, oil change past due,  etc.

So to my dozens of faithful readers: Please keep checking back from time to time. This too shall pass, and when it does, I’ll be back. I’m also thinking about some new approaches to the blog, scouring around for structure/format ideas I may boldly swipe from interesting blogs like this and this and this. Same bracing, intriguing wine, but poured into some new bottles, perhaps.


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