Bending the Curve Into the Weeds and Under the Bus

So there I was in the Apple store a few days before Christmas, upgrading an already absurdly expensive status-device, when a bi-earringed goatee-bearer behind the counter looked over at me and said, “How’s that Corner Market working out for you?”

Huh? Had he seen me at some market? Did he think I owned stock in the company? Then I remembered I was holding a cup of coffee from. . . Corner Market. And I had just heard my 135th rendition of  one of this era’s  ubiquitous buzz-phrases, “How’s __________ working out for you?”

If I’d been really on my toes and in tune with the linguistic zeitgeist, I’d have shot back with a “Not so much.” Or, given four or five minutes to string several Buzz Phrases together, I might have said: “I wanted to double down with a game-changer, dude.  At the end of the day, I  got a lotta pushback from the suits. But it’s all good.”

Or something. But I just wasn’t thinking outside the box that day, and, yes, I know that one is soooo 2002, and, yes, I know that “sooooo 2002″ bought the farm some time ago. Or maybe it went toes up. I dunno.

Anyway,net-net,  going forward, if you want to drill down and  make your own list of annoying Buzz Phrases to throw under the bus, start by working up some anger here.


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