Carpe Diem? Maybe Tomorrow!

Just had to steal that great headline from today’s NY Times.

For those who are thinking about thinking about setting aside some time to consider possible options that might lead to some tentative steps toward possible changes in the New Year, this one is worth reading.  Instead of telling us we really need to eat more strained brocolli and take more 20-mile runs in 2010, the researchers in this article say we need to get better at having fun!

Yes, having fun. Now. Not next week or next month when we somehow think we might have “more time.” Now.

Check out the interesting research these folks did to show  how we cheat ourselves out of enjoyable moments we should be seizing right now.   And you’ll instantly think of examples of how you’ve done this to yourself.

For example, the Dallas Museum of Art is running an exhibit called “All The World’s a Stage,” which brings together 175 works portraying different kinds of performers and performances–i.e., Degas’ ballerinas, etc.  I’ve been telling myself for two months to get down there and see it, but nooooooooo: I keep putting it off with this hazy notion that “after the holidays,” I’ll have more time.

Reality check: I won’t.

By the way, any heavy reader probably has shelves filled with proof that you won’t have “more time” down the line. From where I sit, I can see a biography of the novelist Sinclair Lewis, written in the 1970s and purchased in the mid-80s by a guy who was certain that he’d have time to read this big book. . . uh. . . probably in the summer. When Reagan was president.

The article is  here . Don’t put off reading it.


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