Workin’ on the Change Gang: New Year’s Renewal

Okay, New Year’s Change Gang: As you wonder just how you can make this year’s resolutions stick, Muse Machine is here as always to fan the flames of growth and renewal. Below you’ll find a number of posts from the past on the subject of change. Whatever you’re trying to overcome or do better at or banish from your life, you’ll find helpful advice here.

August 30, 2007: “The Carnivore’s Dilemma”

January 2, 2008:  “Are Your “Change Muscles” in Shape?”

April 5, 2008:  “More on Will Power and Change Muscles”

May 16, 2008:   “Strategies for Change: Start Itty-Bitty”

June 18, 2008:   “Fighting the Puppet Masters of Habit”

January 5, 2009: “New Year’s Changes: Gradual or Radical?”


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