The Unhappiest State in the Union?

What’s this? How did my beloved New York end up dead last in a study here that uses an interesting blend of subjective and objective measures to determine which states have the happiest and unhappiest people in the country? Amazing.  And I note that two of the states in the Happiest Top 10 are Louisiana (post-Katrina)  and Mississippi, two of the Union’s poorest states.

I’m tempted to say nothing can shake the “laissez le bons temps roulez” ethic of Louisiana, but what’s up with New York? They got the president they wanted. The Yankees won the World Series. It’s the most exciting and stimulating place I’ve ever visited. Whazzup? Wall Street Blues?

The Top Ten:

1 Louisiana
2 Hawaii
3 Florida
4 Tennessee
5 Arizona
6 Mississippi
7 Montana
8 South Carolina
9 Alabama
10 Maine

The Bottom 10 (The District of Columbia was included)

41 Pennsylvania
42 Rhode Island
43 Massachusetts
44 Ohio
45 Illinois
46 California
47 Indiana
48 Michigan
49 New Jersey
50 Connecticut
51 New York

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