200,000 Slaughtered Animals Say: Who’s This Gadhimai, Anyway?

BARIYAPUR, Nepal (AP) — The ceremony began with prayers in a temple by tens of thousands of Hindus before dawn Tuesday. Then it shifted to a nearby corral, where in the cold morning mist, scores of butchers wielding curved swords began slaughtering buffalo calves by hacking off their heads.

Over two days, 200,000 buffaloes, goats, chickens and pigeons will be killed as part of a blood-soaked festival held every five years to honor Gadhimai, a Hindu goddess of power.

This is even more bizarre than the item I recently blogged about here. Why would a god require the senseless slaughter of animals?

Here’s how one observer defended the killings:  “It is their tradition and it is fine if they continue to follow it. No one should try to tell them they can’t follow what their ancestors did,” he said.

Precisely the same argument could be made, and no doubt was, in favor of slavery.

Anyway,  Happy Turkey Day Thanksgiving! Remember: tofu and gravy. . .tofu and dressing. . . tofunkin pie. . .candied stuffed tofu. . .


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