National Book Award Winners: How Many Have You Read?

winner 1982, rabbit is rich, john updike winner 2001, corrections, jonathan franzen winner 1980, sophies choice, william styronwinner 1980, john macdonald, green ripper

As we approach the Sixtieth Handing Out of the National Book Awards, here’s a list of all the winners. The Big Names are predictable: Updike, Styron, Bellow, Cheever, Roth, Powers. But I never knew, or had forgotten, that William F. Buckley won for one of his Blackford Oakes  spy novels ( Stained Glass,  1980 ), and John D. McDonald took the 1981  prize for  The Green Ripper ,  one of several Travis McGee novels that blur the lines between detective genre fiction, sharp social criticism and rewarding  literature.

How many have you read? Check them all  out here; each winner is accompanied by a thoughtful essay evaluating the book.


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