Pettitte in Game 6: Is Heart Enough?

Even though the Yankees turned last night’s debacle into something closer, finally losing 8-6, an L is an L is an L, and I’m starting to think this is going all seven games.

An excellent piece from the NY Times sports desk sums up all the reasons why the gallant Andy Pettitte, working Game 6  on three days rest,  may have little more left than A. J. Burnett had last night. Key quote:

The Yankees know they can count on Pettitte’s competitive will. If there is a way out of trouble, they know he will find it. But if his pitches are as lifeless as Burnett’s were in Game 5, there may be nothing he can do, no magic to summon.

As  they sing  in the old Damn Yankees musical, “You gotta have heart.” Pettitte’s got the heart of a lion. But what about that 37-year old arm?

The full piece is here. And I’d just like to add one thing: Walk that blasted Utley! Every time! Don’t pitch to him! Lesson learned.

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